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We strive for two things in design:
simplicity and clarity.
Great design is born of those two things.

Exploding Head by Salvador Dali

The female face, with its tender expression and thin halo, is recognisable as the face of a Madonna by Raphael

Branding Your Business & Web Site

Brand Identity & Strategy for Your Business & Web Site

Virtual Reality Design Web Site Creates Virtual Reality Experiences & Games

Melksham BeeKeepers Association MBKA Association of BeeKeepers in Melksham, Wiltshire, UK.

Video Film Web Site Film and Video Productions, London, UK

Beauty Web Site by Diane Madeley, who is particularly pleased with the extensive adwords campaign we created for her beauty business.

Girl on a Swing

Daydreams are made of this

Websites promote you 24/7.
No employee will do that!

About Web Design

There are three reponses to a piece of design.
Yes, no and WOW! Wow is the one Bath Web Design aims for, which is why clients
are impressed and will return to

Great design is storytelling at its finest. It is insightful, sincere and evokes emotion and change.

Design is at the centre of the user experience and it is the designer’s responsibility to make the experience remarkable for both the client and their audience.

Great web design without functionality
is like a sports car
with no engine.
Paul Cookson


We deliver the results You Want every time and our prices are keenly competitive and affordable.

You want Exceptional Web Design, Usability, great User Experience and Brand Awareness. Your focus is on how good your website looks and how easy it is to use.

From the outset, our focus will be on ensuring Your good looking and easy to use website will be found amongst the billion or more websites on the Internet.

The users will only be interested in finding the information they want and / or completing some action they intended as quickly and as easily as possible.

Simplicity is Your friend, so intuitive navigation is crucial to ensure that visitors can find what they are looking for without thinking.

Visual Hierarchy helps visitors gravitate to the important elements first and optimising for usability is leading visitors naturally to complete a desired action.

A built-in fully responsive design, compatible with all platforms and devices is essential and the best way to build credibility is to be clear and honest about the product or service provided on Your website.

We will need to clearly understand your detailed requirements and preferences for Your Drupal Website in order for the overall look and feel of Your site to be consistent, which will have a positive impact on usability.

Please EMAIL us today at to enquire about a website to promote your business, project, product or event.

What separates Design from Art
is that Design is meant to be Functional!
Cameron Moll


Bath Web Design has a passion for creating web sites and digital experiences that generate good results by employing all the digital strategies necessary to make your brand impressive and intriguing to online audiences.

With a remarkably creative, cutting edge website optimized for conversion, engagement, cross compatibility and visual engagement your business will be more authoritative online.

Contact for original, organic, inventive digital advertising services that keep your organization moving forward and makes your brand a dynamic, influential force online by creating experiences that persuade, sell and inspire to Make them Memorable.

Memorable doesn’t just happen on its own. Building websites that are easy to use, communicate clearly with their customers and serve a purpose for their brand are essential for growing any online business and that is how clients’ businesses are transformed.

Web Site Design is the Art of
Imagination using Technology.
Artists are not paid for just their labour but for their VISION.


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